put her life in the hands of a rock'n'roll band.
pursuing the wrong ideals and goals that leads you into sickness.
unto and from this sickness bring the belief in the one true power.
that cure that promised to erase the symptoms
that stood between you and your goal.
that's seductive pure that offered relief and comfort
without disturbing the faulty system of your beliefs.
the belief in the one true power.
forever and ever, one nation under the belief,
of the father, the son, and the holy spirit in jesus' name, amen.

featuring annie hardy

anyway i've got a bottle of champagne;
champagne of hate you know;
this damn cold substance;
cocaine maybe? maybe get a nap?;
there are many ways to be happy but non of them is rainy foggy аlbion with it's smoky pub full of drunk people somewhere in wandsworth;
non of them is you;
and i'm not like them;
listening to that morning crap i smoke pot out of boredom;
neverending symphony full of melancholly and sadness;
smell of whiskey and 'new-york' red lipstick by chanel all over this place;
i awfully miss you every singe day of my crazy life;
your brown eyes are full of daze,
without you i'd be dead;
you know, every time i see you is the best seconds ever and nothing can ruin it;
if only i could meet you there;
if i could hate you;
have you?;
i gotta believe in a power of cocaine and rock'n'roll shit and stop crying my heart out;
what the matter with you?;
cold winter and frosty eyelashes;
if this gonna work out?;
dunno how to believe in you;
there's a song in my head;
your song;
and in my heart i feel something;
and i take everything i want;
my words and your thoughts won't last forever;
so i'd better leave this fucking room;
this god damn world with strawberry flowers in my hair;
and i can take you with me;
if you need more time than take a pill and make sure that you're allright;
stop sleeping in my head;
stop fucking with my brains;
find your place to be;
find me in the matter of trust;
i just dunno how to make things right;
i mean i know i think i know;
do a line. make an appointment;
i don't believe you;
dear mister;
dear junky;
fuck you;
i hope you do not appreciate it;

dreams are fucked up things you know (c);

if i could choose one, which one?